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Dealer’s Meet – Manali, 2005

  • Challenge
    A conference of 1200 attendees was to be held in Manali, India. This region of India is not very suitable for conferences due to its poor infrastructure, high altitude, lack of meeting facilities and logistics.

  • OmRaaga’s Solution
    Our team worked along with the client, visited the location 3 times prior to the conference to ensure the logistical challenge was well taken care of. Strategizing accordingly, OmRaaga came up with solutions for the logistics support the conference required.

    • We booked 2 entire trains, approximately 40 buses and 198 taxis to transport them to their respective hotels. Considering the paucity of resources, the group was split amongst 18 different hotel properties ensuring a comfortable stay.
    • Out of the 18 hotels, only 5 of them could accommodate the group’s meals. So, our team had a meeting with the General Managers of all the hotels to communicate on this challenge. The groups were split between the 5 hotels and were catered with identical menus. Staff and tableware shortage were taken care of by hiring from nearby cities.
    • Our team also dealt with a coordinator from all the 18 properties to guarantee effective time and resource management.
    • We had a taskforce assigned to communicate with all the taxis and buses to ensure attendees were dropped at designated hotels. Due to narrow roads, only 1 bus could drive at a time. So the timing of each bus’s drop and pick up was calculated accordingly.
    • Due to lack of quality entertainment options, we hired performers and other entertainment requirements from nearby cities like Chandigarh.
    • The monsoons were expected to arrive around that period. Therefore the set up of the event was completed beforehand to avoid the rain which would have otherwise caused an interruption in the conference.
    • Government officials were also invited to the event in the evening to ensure smooth running of the event.

  • Effect
    • Manali saw one of its largest conferences.
    • Despite knowing how challenging the logistics were, the attendees were very satisfied with the smooth running of the event.
    • Our team’s rapport with the hotel’s management teams resulted in outstanding logistics coordination.
    • The satisfactory level of the attendees was very high.
    • OmRaaga conference experience is remembered even after 8 years.

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